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We present the PetFurGuard Pet Hair Remover Ball for the Washing Machine - the ultimate solution for the annoying animal hairs that cling to your clothes! Simply toss this magical ball into the washing machine and watch as it effortlessly attracts and traps animal hair during every cycle. No more clothes covered in fur or clogged drains. With PetFurGuard, say hello to clean and fur-free clothing and bid farewell to the hassle of cleaning animal hairs. Make laundry day a breeze with PetFurGuard!



Easy to Use: No more need to remove hair by hand. With our laundry balls, simply place the small laundry balls in the washing machine, turn on the spin mode, or you can put them in the dryer with your clothes.

Durable and Reusable: Our hair collector is made from high-quality material, which is reusable, durable, and sturdy. Putting it in the washing machine with clothes can effectively remove hair and lint from the clothes. Save time and enjoy a hair-free experience.

Clothing and Washer Protection: The laundry balls are designed to be round, so they won't damage your clothes during the washing process and can be used for children's clothing. They can effectively separate clothes, reduce wrinkles, and help reduce drying time. Washed clothes are clean, bright, and last longer.

Small and Space-Saving: Very compact. Each reusable dryer ball measures about 6 cm in diameter, small enough to save space in the washing machine and easy to store.

Practical and Handy Tool: Our washing machine removal device not only removes lint, animal hairs, or other hairs from clothes, jackets, and blankets but also helps reduce limescale and rust in washing machines, and removes dust and odors from your clothes.


Tips: The more balls you use, the better the effect will be.

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