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Paws&Potty - WC Trainer

Paws&Potty - WC Trainer

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Our Paws&Potty is an intelligent and innovative solution designed to teach your furry friend the transition from using the traditional litter box to using the toilet.

This kit provides a gradual training process that teaches your cat to use the toilet for its needs. Here's how the kit works and its advantages:

The kit includes a series of trays with differently sized holes that fit over your toilet seat.



Gradual Process: Guide your cat through a gradual training process, starting with a tray filled with litter on the floor next to the toilet and gradually lifting the tray until your cat feels comfortable using the toilet.

Easy for Your Cat to Understand: The cat training kit makes the transition from the litter box to the toilet easy. With each step, your cat becomes accustomed to the new height and the feeling of the toilet under its paws.

Clean: Using the toilet eliminates the need for litter, reducing mess and odor in your home.

Save Money and Eco-Friendly: Over time, the hygienic cat training kit can save you money on disposable litter. By eliminating the need for litter, you are contributing to a more environmentally friendly approach to cat waste management.

Training your cat to use the toilet can be a bonding experience that strengthens your relationship.

Successfully training your cat to use the toilet is an impressive achievement that can be a conversation starter and a source of pride.


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