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Donut Cat Cave

Donut Cat Cave

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Donut Cat Cave


Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.

Some would say cats can be picky, others would say they just have high standards. Our Donut Cat Cave will surely meet the highest requirements regarding its sleeping arrangements.

Felines love curling up in odd places and crave a calm and peaceful hideaway. That’s why our Donut Cat Cave and lounge bed will be their favorite spot. This Donut Cat Cave offers security to your kitty and is designed to provide a comfortable napping place. They can either get cozy inside or take a rest on top.

And if your cats are in a more playful mood, this Donut Cat Cave will also satisfy their curiosity and give them a lot of fun playing (or fighting), hiding, chasing, preparing sneak attacks or scratching.

Whatever your felines’ needs; our Donut Cat Cave will surely satisfy their interest.



  • Interactive Play – Promote their physical & mental health. Our Donut Cat Cave encourages interactive playtime and activity to keep your cat active, healthy and happy. Your cats can enjoy an unlimited exploration with games such as hide and seek, energetic fights, ambushing, scratching or chasing. Endless entertainment guaranteed.
  •  Safe Enclosed Design – The Donut Cat Cave is specifically designed to provide comfort and protection, making it perfect for anxious felines. Let them enjoy their rest and grooming rituals in the safety of a cozy donut bed. You will enjoy a more relaxed and happier feline.
  • Purrfect Scratch-Resistant – The Donut Cat Cave is made of the best quality wool felt, making it very durable for your furry friend to enjoy a lifelong playtime experience. It is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, so it can satisfy the cat’s natural urge to scratch and avoid furniture damage. It is sturdy enough to bear the weight of 2-3 cats, and will not collapse.
  • Easy to clean & zip off – The smart zipper design allows it to be divided into two parts for easy cleaning, easy storage and for easy packing for travel. Dividing the parts will also give you two separate ultra-comfy cat beds. The soft felt material helps prevent cat hair from spreading all over the place. To wash the Donut Cat Cave, just wipe it down with a damp cloth. 




M 50x20cm / 19.69*7.87inch

L 60x20cm / 23.62*7.87inch

For cats around 2-8 pounds, 1-4kg

Weight: 700g


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