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Cat Zen Hammock

Cat Zen Hammock

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When the hammock is comfier than your bed, you made the right choice!


Imagine an innovative cat hammock designed to be attached to your bedside, your bed, or your window. Innovative and ingenious, practical and removable, these are just some of the merits of the new hammock.

Your cats will go crazy at the idea of spending their leisure time relaxing on it.


Durable Wood and Washable Fabric: The base structure is made of wood, designed to fit securely and stably. The hammock's surface is made of a soft, anti-fur fabric, specially chosen to counteract hair loss and make cleaning much easier. This fabric is also washable, ensuring it can always stay fresh and clean for your furry best friend.

Easy Peasy Installation: When it comes to installation, you won't need to drill anything or use suction cups. Super easy to move from one window to another or from one room to another. It can be easily adjusted in size by changing the distance between the hook and the support leg, making it suitable for installation on the windowsill, wardrobe, or bed. It can be easily removed to close the curtains and just as easily reinstalled. The hook has an adjustable distance of 6 inches to accommodate different wall thicknesses, and there is felt padding under the support leg to protect the wall.

Stable and Durable: Compared to suction cup-mounted window hammocks, the structure design of ours is much more stable. It can hold up to 20 kg, making it suitable for multiple kittens or a large-sized cat.


Your four-legged friends will finally have a comfortable spot to sunbathe. Cats love sitting in a high vantage point by the window to enjoy a nice view. The hammock will be your cats' favorite spot to relax.


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